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Dive and Snorkel the Southern Reefs of Belize

It doesn’t seem fear does it?

That a small country along the Caribbean coast of Central America is home the largest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere, not to mention three of the four hemisphere’s true atolls, Faro reefs, Whale Sharks, The Great Blue Hole and more corals and marine life than you can name.

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Placencia and the Southern Barrier Reef

Placencia is the perfect place to experience the best of Belize scuba diving and Snorkeling.

This is because, down here the mainland pulls away from the Barrier Reef creating an Inner-lagoon or Inner-reef sprinkled with hundreds of Cayes (small islands), coral reefs, and miniature atolls.

And,  Although its several miles away, the Outer-Reef or Barrier Reef is still easily accessible from Placencia, offering some of the best wall and canyon dives in the country.

Many of Belize’s Atoll are accessible from here as well, Glover’s Reef Atoll which is known for its pristine coral’s and abundance of marine like life, and Light house Reef Atoll which is Famously known for the Great Blue Hole.

Also, just about 30 miles from Placencia is the Gladden Split Marine Reserve, which is a spawning ground for many different species of fish and a hotspot for Whale Shark Encounters.

Scuba Diving

When Diving in Placencia, you will notice that down here, dive sites are less crowed and the chances of seeing another dive boat at the same site are pretty slim. Because of this, the dive sites are less impacted from divers and boats making the dives more pristine.

Most dives from Placencia are boat dives and guided by a certified PADI Dive Master. Many of the dive trips are full day, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon, and may include 2 to 3 dives. In between dives, we normally go to a nearby Caye to do our surface intervals, have lunch, and relax on the beach.


There is no good snorkeling directly off the shores of Placencia,  boats ferry snorkelers out onto the cayes that spring up from the Inner- Lagoon.

Just a few feet from the cayes are an abundance of coral and marine life which makes for excellent snorkel grounds. Snorkelers snorkel off shore with a snorkel guide, which means that you will not be stuck on the boat the entire trip .

Laughing Bird Caye is a favorite snorkel spot in the Inner-Reef,  However snorkeling at the outer cayes of the Queen Cayes (Silk Cayes), Pompion Caye, and Ranguana Caye are just as good or even better.

Snorkeling is normally combine with the diving for couples or groups that want to be together, and is available on most of the dive trips we offer.

Below are some of the dives and sites offer here at Seahorse Dive Shop. Feel free to contact us if you would like to visit any of the sites below or if you have any questions.

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