About Us

Seahorse Dive Shop is a fully equipped dive shop located in the heart of Placencia Village. The shop is owned and operated by PADI and NAUI dive instructor Brian Young. Brian has over 8 years of training experience and over 20 years of diving experience. He was one of Placencia first dive masters and instructors. Prior to opening his dive shop, Brian was a native fisherman and skin diver. He knows the reef as only someone who has made a living from the sea can.
Brian is the founder of the Whale Sharks Expeditions. He and his trained dive masters keep logs of the Whale Shark migrations. Seahorse Dive Shop is the only shop that can provide such details as when the sharks migrate, the most suitable dates in the months for viewing the great sharks, or if a certain shark has been seen previously. With this detailed information, Seahorse Dive Shop presents the best opportunity for encountering these docile and easily approached Whale Sharks.

Seahorse Dive Shop provides daily diving, including single or multiple dives per day and night dives. The dives consist of wall, canyon, and faro (atoll shaped reefs inside the barrier reef) diving. For the non-diver we offer snorkeling as either separate from or alongside the dive trips.

Seahorse Dive Shop has a fleet of three fully equipped multipurpose fiberglass boats. The main boat is a 33ft craft powered by twin 150 Yamaha outboards. This boat is capable of carrying 14 divers. Our 25ft boat is powered by one 115 hp Evinrude and is capable of servicing four to six divers at one time. The smaller 19ft skiff is powered by a 85hp Yamaha outboard and is capable of carrying two to four divers for a more individualized dive experience. The two smaller boats are also outfitted for fishing and trips up the spectacular Monkey River.

Brian Young has gained international recognition from professional divers in the US and Europe. With his knowledge of the surrounding waters of Placencia, his technical skills as a professional diver and the backing of a fully equipped dive shop and three boats, Brian and his crew offer the best service for diving in Belize. Please contact us at seahorse@btl.net or use our online form for more information should you