About a hundred miles south of Belize City lies the coastlines of the Placencia Peninsula, where the local claim to have the best beaches in the country. Formally Inhabited by Mayan fishermen and English Buccaneers, Placencia is now a small laid-back creole fishing village, where the locals go out of their way to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay.

Known for having the “World’s narrowest main street” as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The main street is a mile long four-feet-wide walkway  that runs through the center of the village connecting to Residences, small Placencia Hotels, Restaurant, Bars, Gift Shops and local Businesses. Further north of the village are a hand full of newer luxury resorts and inns designed to make it easy to settle into the laid-back setting of what is Placencia.

Down here, the Barrier Reef separates from the main land to create an Inner-Lagoon sprinkled with hundreds of cayes (small islands), coral reef, and miniature atollswhich makes for superb diving and snorkelingand hundreds of square miles of flats that offers the Best in Belize Fishing.

Placencia is a springboard to many of Belize’s top diving and snorkeling sites,  offering some of the most pristine dive and snorkel sites in the country.

Also, about twenty nine miles from Placencia’s coast is Gladden Spit, a hot spot for Whale Shark Encounters.

Because of its unique location, this haven along the Coast of Belize acts as a hub, connecting a vast network of marine activities with numerous main-land adventure and tours. One day you could be scuba diving or snorkeling and the next, you could be exploring the many wonders of the Belizean rain forest and its Mayan Ruins and Caves.

This tiny peninsula is fun packed with adventure and actives where ever you turn. Most visitors who come to Placencia find the hardest thing to do is not to anything at all.