Shark Hole

Dive this Cavern in the Inner-Reef about 38 miles from Placencia. Known for the sharks that sometimes inhabit the cavern and turtles which circles its entrance the shark hole dive is one you will soon not forget.

The sinkhole is hidden within a turtle grass bed with boulders of corals surrounding the hole.

As you enter the hole, it opens up into a domed chamber,  about 150ft across. stalactites stipple the roof of the dome at about 60ft.

Thousands of years of accumulating sediment has created a sand hill in the center directly under the opening. The top of this sandhill is at about 100ft and gradually drop down to the edge of the hole to 130ft.

It is around this sand hill that the sharks circle. Usually, they swim up and out of the hole at the approach of divers, but often will swim deeper into the cave where divers cannot go.

The fun (and safe) thing about this cave is that no matter where you are, you can always see the entrance above.

The Shark Hole dive may include 2 or 3 dives. The First dive of the Days is done at the Shark Hole, while the second and third dives are done at the pristine reef near Tobacco Caye or South Water Caye.


 Intermediate to Advance

Boat Ride:

1 Hour 45 Min


2 Dives: $180
3 Dives: $220
(Minimum 5 Divers)

Includes pick-up/drop-off from hotel,  all diving equipment, lunch, park fees,12.5% taxes, and Lead by a PADI dive master.

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