Fishing in Placencia Belize

Placencia Belize Fishing

In Placencia the Barrier Reef is quite a distance from the shoreline, in most places it is  about 20 miles out. This bay-like area, created by the distance between the shoreline and barrier,  is sprinkled with hundreds of square miles of flats for Fly Fishing. Among some of the species saught after by the fly fishermen in the Placenica area are Bone FishPermitTarpon, and Snook. The up-to 100 feet channels and Cayes between the flats, and along the Barrier Reef are perfect for Trolling and Spin Casting  as well as drop fishing. SnappersGroupersBarrowcudaJacksKing Macerl, and Tuna are among some of the species regularly caught spin casting or trolling.

Fishing form Placencia in what ever form is outstanding, and excellent fishing can be found here year-round. The local guides from Placencia , once commercial fishermen, are well experience and completely familiar with the waters and the fish in the area. They are willing and eager to take you to play in their backyard. With The Variety of different Species sought and the tackle used, Placencia offers a selection of activities for both the novice and the Expert fishermen.


Fly Fishing in Placencia Belize

Fly Fishing

The flats Inside the Barrier Reef vary from 50 yards to perhaps 1/2 mile across  Bordered on all sides by 100 feet of Caribbean Sea. These flats, with Such close access to deep water are some of the world’s best permit habitat  Placencia also holds large numbers of bonefish. The Quality of the permit fishing often overshadows this fact, but the …

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Belize Trolling and Spin Casting

Trolling and Spin Casting

A day trip Trolling and Spin Casting the Barrier Reef is the best way to ensure that you will come home with a prize fish. Spin Casting Using artificial lures, jigs and live bait we will comb just about any area within and around the barrier reef. We can go anywhere to suit the needs …

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