Monkey River Boat and Jungle Tour

Welcome to monkey River

The Monkey River Jungle Tour is easily the most popular mainland tour from Placencia!

This popular river is known for its abundant wildlife sightings, Tarpon Fishing, Jungle Walk tours, and Howler Monkeys.

The Monkey River tour carries you on a 15 miles boat ride from Placencia to Monkey River village and the mouth of the Monkey River.

On the way, the boat will maneuver through the mangrove estuaries that line the mainland providing opportunities to see uninhabited cayesShore Birds, and the Manatees that call these estuaries home.

Upon reaching the mouth of the Monkey River at Monkey River Village, we take a local guide and start your cruise up the river. The river cruise offers opportunities to sight hundreds of different species of birdscrocodilesiguanasBromeliads and orchids, and of course the Howler Monkeys form which the river is named. As you cruise up the river your guide will point out many interesting things and answer any questions that you may have.

You can take the opportunity to hike the forest trails at the river edge for a close up look at the howler monkeys as your guide point out the medicinal properties of the surrounding flora and habits of the elusive fauna, or go swimming in the cool and refreshing monkey river.

After the hike, return to the village for lunch at a local restaurant serving mouth-watering creole cuisines. After lunch, and a brief walk around the village observing life in this roommate area of Belize, you will return back to Placencia and the comfort of your accommodation by mid-afternoon.


Tour Sheet

8:00am - 2:00pm

What to Bring:
Sturdy Shoes or boots, sun glasses, sun screen, bug repellant, binoculars

Intensity Level:

2 Persons 

$90USD per person

Hotel transfer, bottled water, lunch, park fees, 12.5% sales tax

Monkey River Tour Images

Monkey River Boat Tour
Iguana on the banks of the monkey river
Birding in Monkey River
Welcome to monkey River

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