Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Placencia BelizeThe flats Inside the Barrier Reef vary from 50 yards to perhaps 1/2 mile across  Bordered on all sides by 100 feet of Caribbean Sea. These flats, with Such close access to deep water, are some of the world’s best permit habitat  Placencia also holds large numbers of bonefish. The Quality of the permit fishing often overshadows this fact, but the bonefishing here is as good as most anywhere else you can cast a fly. Tarpon can also be found here in the channels, lagoons, and rivers. Tarpons are abundant and give the angler a good shot at a grand slam should they succeed with the permit and bonefish. Permit, bonefish, and tarpon are found here year-round.

Fly gear can vary according to conditions. On a calm day a #6 outfit is great. With stronger winds, use a #8 or #10. Reels should hold 200 yards of 20 lb. test. Dacron backing plus floating fly line. Fly lines should be neutral colored. Leaders should be at least 9′ long. Tippets are typically 8-10 lb. test, and should be clear. Flies should be unweighted and tied predominantly on a #6 hook. Best colors are orange or patterns in white, brown and pink.


For Fly Fishing it is best if you have some experience, and it is recommended that if you bring your own equipment, please check it by setting it up and taking a few practice cast on the front lawn.

What to Bring:

  • 8 weight fly rod
  • Good reel with at least 150 yards of backing and floating line
  • Leaders
  • Good selection of flies (tans, olive, pink and white work best)

We do have some equipment, but you should bring flies.


A typical day starts at between 6 to 8 in morning and ends at your discretion


$450US 2 persons

Price includes a guide, a boat, equipment, a light snack, lunch (in some cases) and refreshments.