Trolling and Spin Casting

Belize Trolling and Spin Casting

A day trip Trolling and Spin Casting the Barrier Reef is the best way to ensure that you will come home with a prize fish.

Spin Casting

Using artificial lures, jigs and live bait we will comb just about any area within and around the barrier reef. We can go anywhere to suit the needs of our anglers while providing them with the availability of a variety of game fish, and is one of the best ways to get non-stop fish catching action all day.


Using light tackle, cut or live bait and artificial lures we go after king fish, jacks, and other varieties of pelagic species. This is an easy and fun way to have an exciting day of fishing.

We often combine snorkeling on pristine coral reefs with the day of fishing. Contact us to arrange a day fishing trips, or you can check out our Fishing Vacation Packages.


All levels of of Experience Welcome

What to Bring:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock


A typical day starts at between 6 to 8 in morning, and ends at your discretion


$350US  1 – 2 persons

Your fishing package includes a guide, a boat, equipment, a light snack, lunch (in some cases) and refreshments.