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Placencia Belize Diving and Snorkeling

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IT DOESN’T SEEM FEAR, DOES IT? That a small country along the Caribbean coast of Central America is home to the largest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere, not to mention three of the four hemisphere’s true atolls, Whale Sharks, The Great Blue Hole, and more corals and marine life than you can name. Join us on a Belize dive or snorkel adventure and let our experienced PADI professionals and guide show you the best Belize has to offer.

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Lion Fish Hunting at Pompion Caye
Lion Fish Hunting at Pompion Caye

Placencia, Belize Diving and The Southern Barrier Reef

Placencia is the perfect place to experience the best of Belize scuba diving and Snorkeling. Down here, the mainland pulls away from the Barrier Reef creating an Inner-lagoon sprinkled with hundreds of Cayes (small islands), coral reefs, and miniature atolls. Although its several miles away, the Barrier Reef is still easily accessible, offering some of the best wall and canyon dives in the country.

Many of Belize's Atolls are accessible from here as well,  Glover's Reef Atoll which is known for its pristine coral's an abundance of marine life and Lighthouse Reef Atoll which is famously known for the Great Blue Hole. Also, just about 30 miles from Placencia is the Gladden Split Marine Reserve,  a spawning ground for many different species of fish and a hotpot for Whale Shark Encounters.

Lionfish Hunting 

Although fishing of any kind is not allowed while scuba diving, we are permitted to spear Lionfish. This species' aggressive tendencies and a large appetite for juvenile fish make them hazardous to our reefs. Because they are not native to our waters and have very few predators, we spear them to keep their population in check. We provide tridents for divers who like to help us with the Lionfish.

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Diving and Snorkeling Experience 

Let our experienced guides take you to all the best diving and snorkel spots in Placencia, Belize.  The Belize barrier reef offers a wide range of diving and snorkeling, from shallow reef to the Great Blue Hole.  Many of our dive destinations offer a wide range of sites varying from novice to expert.

The Great Blue Hole

Explore the  largest ocean sinkhole in the world. Made famous by Cousteau/Calypso investigation in the 1970’s, it is the only blue hole that can be plainly seen from outer space.

Whale Shark Tours

Join us for a magnificent Whale Shark adventure! Every year after the full moon in March-June, whale sharks congregate at Gladden Split .  This give a unique opportunity for diver and snorkelers alike to swim with the largest fish in the ocean. 

Local Barrier Reef

These include Wall, Canyon Faro dives. They are done one the Barrier Reef or the Inner Lagoon each with their own characteristics. Dive sites are generally determined by group interest and weather conditions of the day.

Glover's Reef Atoll

Dive and Snorkel Belize's southern most atoll. This United Nations World Heritage offers stunning coral formations and wide abundance marine life.

South Water Cayes

 It is well know for off-the-beaten-reef diving and snorkeling. You can expect to find more pristine reefs and coral, as well as numerous spotted eagle rays and southern sting rays.

Shark Hole

This tiny sink hole is located inside the barrier reef  about 70 miles from Placencia. Named from the sharks that are sometimes found circling the sand mount at the middle of the cave, this dive offer a similar dive to that of the Great Blue Hole.