The Adventure Continues 

with Seahorse Dive Shop

Experience all Belize have to offer, not only below the sea but top side as well. On days your no diving you could be explore the many wonders of the Belizean Rain forest.  Zipline and Cave tubing

More Than Just An Excellent Diving Destination

Placencia is the perfect place if you’re a diver and still want to experience the island activities and adventures Belize has to offer. Our rainforests are home to numerous wildlife preserves, vast cave system for exploring, ancient Mayan Ruins and artifacts, rich culture and much more…

Placencia is connected to the mainland and offer a lot more than just marine activities. Here, sea-lovers can get a taste of what Belize has to offer on land as well.  One day you could be diving the next you could be experiencing the wonders of the Belizean Rainforest.

Travel In Comfort

Our Ford E350 Club Wagon is an ideal choice for those needing a vehicle with extra space. Our spacious van has room  to seat as many as 12 full size adults, for a comfortable ride to your tour destination.  


Belize Inland Adventure Tours

Join us  as our knowledgeable guides  take you on outstanding inland adventures that range from mellow sightseeing, birding and archaeological tours to hard core adventure expeditions like waterfall repelling and ziplining 

Our Adventure Tours

Monkey River Tour

The Monkey River Jungle Tour is easily the most popular mainland tour from Placencia! This popular river is known for its abundant wildlife sightings, jungle walk tours and Howler Monkeys. The Monkey River tour carries you on a 15 miles boat ride from Placencia to Monkey River village and the mouth of the Monkey River.....

Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve

Explore Jungle trails as our experienced guide educates you on Belize’s flora and fauna. Go for a leisurely float down to the river and then a short hike to the waterfall for a cooling swim.

Xuantunich and Blue Hole

Climb the temples for a spectacular view at "shoo-nahn-too-nitch” located in the Cayo District. Travel the beautiful Hummingbird Highway and stop off at the Blue Hole for a refreshing swim in the jungle.

ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal)

Discover the lost world in the ATM cave is near San Ignacio. Hike 45 minutes into the jungle, cross three streams and passes through the 6,700 acre Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. View ceremonial vessels and other cultural artifacts left by the Maya.

Belize Zip Lining - Jaguar Paw

Jaguar Paw Zipline and Cave Tubing

Jaguar Paw is located on 200 acres of rainforest on the banks of the Cave’s Branch River. It offers travelers numerous adventures that are amazing and thrilling but yet historic in feel.