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So, What Do Whale Sharks Eat Anyway?

Divers and Snorkelers, of Course! How do you think we keep them coming back to Gladden Split year after year? They love the taste of human blood.

Now Seriously, if a whale shark were to eat a human, it would be similar to your 90-year-old grandma trying to chew on a medium-rare steak without her dentures in. She is going to bruise the hell out of that state, but you and I know – it ain’t gonna happen.

Get it … Whale Sharks don’t have any teeth, at least any useful teeth, unlike their smaller cousins.

Whale sharks are filter feeders and although they do have teeth, they don’t have anything do to with how they consume their food.

A Whale Shark’s diet mainly consists of tiny animals including zooplankton,  jellyfish, small baitfish, squid, and fish eggs.

Whale sharks can be found in Belizean waters throughout the year. However, predicting where they’re going to be is very hard, because their main food does not stay in one location.

But, in the months of March, April, May, and June predicting where they are going to get a bit easier. This is because during these months, around the full moon, huge schools of Caribbean fish come to Gladden Split to release their eggs.

Whale Sharks then come from all over to feed on these eggs, especially does of the Cubera Snappers.

So, there you have it. When your Whale Shark diving or Snorkeling with us there’s no need to worry about being eaten by whale sharks.

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